Case Study: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto (Robotics Manufacturers)

A large telecom company sought industry knowledge from professionals involved with robotics manufacturers in order to determine their future strategy.

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Case Study: Bright Future (Solar Cell Applications)

An emerging technologies group needed insights about innovative solar cell applications to assess if their off-the-grid refrigerator was feasible.

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Case Study: Take Me to the Barber Shop (Prototype Design Experts)

Maven helped a product development team at a consumer products company access the prototype design experts they needed to launch an effective new product.

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Case Study: Bounding Over The Competition (Performance Materials Expert)

Maven helps a product development team innovate into a new market, thanks to a performance material expert who shares an unusual and highly durable material.

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Case Study: Ain’t That a KYC in the Head? (Know Your Customer)

Case Study: Ain’t That a KYC in the Head? The Problem The product development team at a startup software company was developing a new application to …

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Case Study: Show and Tell

Case Study: Show and Tell The Problem A consumer goods company had developed concepts for several new products intended to allow seniors to live more …

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