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Get the Knowledge You Need

You’ve assembled a great group of brilliant minds – but do they know EVERYTHING? Of course not. While you are surrounded by talent, it’s impossible to have all of the knowledge and expertise you need to move your products and technology forward readily at hand when you need it. Or is it? Maven helps research and development professionals to augment their expertise and discover novel solutions to their daily challenges. We have the world’s largest pool of on-demand technical and business expertise ready to help you innovate.

Discover New Solutions

Big challenge? Chances are, somebody out there has solved it before – and chances are, they are willing to share their experiences with you. Use Maven to discover solutions to problems that have already been solved elsewhere, speeding your path to market and thrilling your customers. Even if the solution hasn’t been discovered yet, a new set of eyes and ideas can help you find the answer. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective from a qualified expert to accelerate development.

Keep Learning

Your education and experience define you, but while your experience keeps growing it’s hard to find time to continue your education. Maven’s university connections run deep – we have relationships with tens of thousands of professors and researchers in academia who can teach you what they know and help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Research and development professionals are currently using Maven to…

  • Understand how other industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, and Manufacturing are creating advanced textiles with improved performance characteristics
  • Develop a new technology to monitor hydrogen sulfide leakage in natural gas pipelines
  • Decide where to build a new R&D facility in Asia
  • Hire a powder processing expert to help bring a new production line up to spec
  • Learn how to measure the pungency of mustard seed
  • Assess the causes, symptoms, and impacts of human stress
  • Find partners in the US and China with capacity to perform laser capture microdissection
  • Apply a new method of high downforce tribology developed in the automotive brake industry to PET bottle closures
  • Landscape the use of next generation genome sequencing systems in Europe
  • Discover new techniques for flavor encapsulation that could be used to improve customer satisfaction with nicotine gum


I can’t believe we had light therapy experts within our own organization – who knew?! I wish we hadn’t wasted so much time trolling through the internet before we tried Maven.
Senior Manager, Product Development
End user testing is very challenging. Finding the right set of testers is difficult, and even when you do find them it is tough to remain objective about their feedback when you know them personally. Maven solved both of these problems.
Design Engineer
It’s not always easy to get people to open up about this type of product, but Maven was able to get us to the right people who shared candid experience and insights.
Senior Product Manager
We had no idea where to begin, but our Maven contact took charge and knew exactly how to get us the insights we needed. We couldn’t believe it when she told us that what we were looking for was sitting right down the hall from us! The insights we gained gave us confidence to move forward with our new line of products.
Director of R&D
We felt like there was opportunity in the disposable medical sensor market, but we didn’t know how to reach the people who could help us to pinpoint that opportunity. Maven not only delivered what we needed quickly, but they delivered expertise from within our own company that we didn’t know was available.
Senior Engineering Manager

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