Case Study: Shocking the Market (Telecommunications Technology Experts)

A manufacturing company’s licensing team engaged with telecommunications technology experts to understand the key drivers in their customers’ buying process.

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Case Study: Bell-Ringer (Call Center Expert)

Maven helps a technology company stay ahead of the curve and learn from a call center expert about the advantages of developing their call centers in Brazil.

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Case Study: Can You Hear Me Now? (Signal Cancellation Engineer)

Maven helps the corporate venture capital team at a large industrial conglomerate locate a signal cancellation engineer to advise on an investment prospect.

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Case Study: The Diving Catch (Mobile Payments)

Case Study: The Diving Catch The Problem A leading technology company wanted to create a panel of experts who could help the company better understand the current …

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Case Study: 4G Focus Groups

Case Study: Will Customers Like It? 4G Focus Groups The Problem A wireless technology company wanted to host focus groups with individuals familiar with 4G wireless technology in …

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