Maven for Marketing Professionals

Know Your Market

Market research teams often base decisions on outdated or incomplete information. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get quick answers to your specific questions, truly understand trends in your market in real-time, and take the guesswork out of the equation? Across virtually every industry, we help marketing professionals find and engage the insights they need to validate their hunches and make better decisions. We have the world’s largest pool of on-demand market positioning and competitive landscape expertise ready to make your next move your most brilliant.

Enter New Markets

Entering a new market can be daunting, expensive, and slow – but it doesn’t have to be. The local expertise you need to launch and thrive is literally at your fingertips. Use Maven to “go local” faster than ever before and ensure your messaging is reaching the right ears. Connect with the right on-the-ground experts who can define your strategy, guide your efforts, and even lead your team!

Test, Evaluate, and Learn

Your product team has come up with something really cool, but you have no idea how to sell it (or who to sell it to).  Sound familiar? Conduct a “show-and-tell” Electronic Survey or Virtual Ideation Panel to convene a group of end users and find out what matters most to them. Within days you can find the right voice and the right market.

Hear the Voice of the Customer (and Their Customer!)

Every year you conduct your annual VOC survey – and every year the results are the same. If everyone loves you so much then why don’t you have 100% market share? Where are the ideas for new features and new offerings? Are your customers telling you how they really feel? Use Maven to perform truly anonymous queries of the people who are buying your products AND the folks who aren’t and get the straight story on how you can improve. Even better, engage with their customers to find out what drives their business and how you can help them shine.

Marketing organizations are currently using Maven to…

  • Figure out why “flexitarians” were the biggest fans of their heat-and-serve meal product, and how to target them even further
  • Create an advisory panel of oncologists to help them better understand their process of selecting, prescribing, and purchasing oncology drugs
  • Receive candid opinions from customers about the potential of a new software product suite
  • Assess snack food preferences among middle class consumers in West Africa
  • Observe wound care specialists performing procedures in a live clinical setting
  • Conduct a Virtual Ideation Panel of chief learning officers to explore how best to position a new continuing education product
  • Understand the impact of new regulatory changes on the market for weigh loss supplements
  • Determine market readiness for an outdoor fireplace product in Canada
  • Find the right application for a hydrogen sulfide sensing technology
  • Conduct an on-site training seminar to educate the marketing and product management teams on regional specifications for curtain wall fastening products
  • Learn how a key account’s biggest customers plan to change their use of the customer’s product over the next year
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