Maven for Strategy Professionals

Explore, Expand, Evolve

Inform Innovation

Big ideas can take you far, but where are you going? With the market landscape evolving faster than ever and disruption around every corner, staying up-to-date and relevant is critical to the future of your enterprise. Strategy professionals leverage Maven to evaluate the market landscape and gain a more complete snapshot of the industries, products, trends, and competitors affecting their business.

Dodge the Landmines

Even the most innovative teams hit roadblocks and encounter headwinds. Creative solutions or reliable alternatives can mean success, but where do those solutions and alternatives live? Maven makes it easy to quickly find the true experts within your reach who can help you evaluate, pivot, and move forward with confidence.

Decide with Confidence

The planning and execution of company-wide initiatives such as mergers, structural re-organization, and securing financing can make or break a company’s future. Use Maven to connect and collaborate with the right people to help guide these initiatives and execute. Sometimes all it takes is an outside set of eyes to discover the right path forward.

Get Relevant Insights

Your situation is unique. The analysis firms push you in one direction, and the consultants pull you in the other, but none of them truly understand your business. Yes, the partner has an impressive background, but is she really the one writing that report you read? Probably not. Use Maven to get the help you need from people who have lived you your world and experienced your challenges – and who have the real expertise needed to walk with you toward your goals.

Strategy professionals are currently using Maven to…

  • Re-evaluate product positioning and messaging strategy prior to a major product launch
  • Conduct a virtual Ideation Panel of downstream industry leaders to evaluate the strategic direction of the company
  • Evaluate learnings from a third-party study of the semiconductor industry landscape and assess its applicability to fabless company’s market positioning
  • Canvas for expertise regarding the causes of poor sales performance and negative product perception
  • Develop an intellectual property licensing strategy for a new technology used handheld consumer electronics products
  • Learn more about the competitive landscape for wearable technology in advance of an upcoming board meeting
  • Assess the impact of regulatory changes in the US and EU on in-house vs. contract manufacturing
  • Survey an acquisition target’s customer base to determine market perception of their products and pricing


It’s tough to explore beyond the familiar, especially when our product is well-received and successful in our current markets. Maven brought us the perspective we needed to be aware of all of the opportunities available to us.
VP of Market Development
This is not how we planned on using Maven, but after learning that we could do this type of landscaping in a tight timeframe, we decided to give it a shot. Maven delivered.
Director of Corporate Strategy
First we tried traditional recruiters, but they were unable to deliver the right consultants for our needs. Maven did it in less than a day.
Corporate Development Manager
The customer wanted us to double down on our investment. Instead of rolling the dice we were able to make an informed decision.
Chief Executive Officer
The results surprised us… The respondents pointed out issues we hadn’t considered before, and now we are rethinking our strategy in this area.
Chief Strategy Officer

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