Maven for Business Development Professionals

Discover New Markets

You’re killing it in your core market, but your supply of new potential customers is starting to look a bit thin. Suddenly that near-vertical growth curve you’ve enjoyed for the past few years is about to hit a big inflection point unless you can find new markets for your products. Across virtually every industry, we help business development professionals take the guesswork out of discovering and testing new markets. We manage the world’s largest pool of potential customers ready to hear your story.

Partner for Growth

Companies contact you almost every day wanting to “partner.” But how do you decide which ones represent genuine opportunities to grow your business and which ones are just trying to sell you something? The right alliances can transform your business; your task is to find them and execute. Use Maven to conduct thorough due diligence on potential partners, evaluating everything from the people involved to how their products complement yours, to whether the company culture is a match.

Decide with Confidence

Your company’s intellectual property is one of its most important assets. So how do you know if you are extracting maximum value for it? Are there opportunities to generate greater returns? Use Maven to find out. Survey technologists to find out if your IP has other potential applications, or hire an expert to conduct a landscaping study to see if your patents would be of interest to other companies.

Forecast Accurately

Your sales team is projecting some big numbers, but are they accurate? Are there changes on the horizon that could impact the numbers? Use Maven to engage with stakeholders in the markets that matter most to you and find out.

Business development professionals are currently using Maven to…

  • Evaluate licensing opportunities for hospital equipment products
  • Gain technical insight into signal canceling technology to inform an investment decision
  • Landscape technologies being developed in the smart phone industry to drive innovation in medical device products
  • Assess market readiness for an innovative new construction tool
  • Create a panel of advisors to understand the current environment for mobile payments and ecommerce
  • Benchmark CRM best practices and sales team structures in the waste management industry
  • Determine the potential impact of a regulatory change in Brazil on a medical device company’s South America sales forecast
  • Survey sourcing and procurement professionals across several industries regarding their impressions of a supply chain software offering
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