Maven for Human Resources Professionals

Map Your Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, but do you really know what your employees know? Do you have a way to truly map your knowledge base so the right people can connect with each other at the right times? We do. Maven’s was specifically built for the purpose of mapping knowledge, motivating people to share their expertise, and rewarding them for doing so. Use our technology to unlock the untapped expertise within your organization to accelerate collaboration, drive faster innovations, and reward the unsung heroes.

Reward Collaboration

Do you feel like everyone at your company has been placed in a box with specific duties but no broader vision? As professionals we are often conditioned to focus on the work at hand and not consider the greater good of the organization. Use Maven to break down the barriers between working groups and foster greater cross-organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Discover the Hidden Stars

Some people are just in the wrong role. Human resources professionals see this all the time – the colleague whose manager dislikes them but who you suspect is actually a valuable asset. Unfortunately, you only have anecdotal evidence of their contributions to those around them, and not enough to override the poor reviews they receive from their supervisor. Use Maven to track an individual’s TOTAL contribution to the organization, including assistance provided to others outside of their current “chain of command.” Chances are that poorly-reviewed colleague is actually a hidden star.

Stop the Brain Drain

Your employees are your greatest asset, but what happens when they leave? With an aging population and the Boomers retiring in droves, the brain drain impacting long-established companies is more severe than ever. Build your alumni network on Maven to keep those valuable people close and retain access to their expertise – even when they’re on the golf course!

Human resources professionals are currently using Maven to…

  • Redeploy staff who were going to be made “redundant” elsewhere in the organization
  • Motivate a group of scientists to help the marketing team discover new opportunities
  • Generate anonymous feedback from technical staff on the company’s 5-year roadmap
  • Connect a colleague with previous experience in manufacturing in Indonesia with a team exploring an expansion into that geography
  • Bring a retired employee back to consult on a technology that was developed during their tenure 10 years earlier
  • Create a panel of current employees, alumni, and industry experts to work together in solving a major materials sustainability initiative
  • Recruit an expert to fill a key product management role
  • Train new hires on the company’s key business products, business practices, and organizational structure
  • Solicit input regarding who should be promoted to a new leadership position
  • Move a colleague who was struggling under her existing manager but well-respected outside of her group into a new role
  • Avoid internal politics and give junior staff a voice in key decisions
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