Project Description

Doctor taking survey

Case Study: Show and Tell

The Problem

A consumer goods company had developed concepts for several new products intended to allow seniors to live more independently and to assist home care givers with their work. Although they had many good ideas, they did not have a deep understanding of the market for senior aids and struggled to narrow the field to those options with the greatest chances of success. Through their experience in other consumer categories, they knew that small focus groups were of limited value in predicting a product’s future market potential.

Critical Issues

Caregiver Perspective     Variety of Opinions     “Arm’s Length” Insights

The Solution

Maven deployed a series of short Electronic Surveys to a targeted group of Home Healthcare experts. Each Survey presented the experts with a drawing and short description of a new product concept and asked a series of questions about its potential utility. After reviewing the insights provided by the Mavens, the customer decided to dismiss several prototypes and focus their time and resources on those with the best chances to succeed in the marketplace.

“Very good insights. The Survey results allowed us to focus on only the best concepts.”

– Senior Director of Market Insights