The Knowledge Logistics Engine

Knowledge is everywhere… so why can’t we ever seem to be able to find it when we really need it? Why do we make poorly-informed decisions when we know that someone out there can help us? It’s not about answers, but insights: why aren’t insights available on demand the same way that information and data are? Those were the questions our founders asked themselves back in 2008 when we began building the world’s first marketplace for knowledge.

Since then, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of man hours and written millions of lines of software to accomplish just one thing: delivering the right expertise at the right time in the right package so you never again have to say “I didn’t know, so I guessed.” It’s hyperfast, industrial-strength knowledge logistics for the modern enterprise.


Online Surveys

Use online, electronic Surveys to obtain rapid quantitative and qualitative insights from highly targeted experts in a double-blinded environment. Surveys result in large quantities of written primary source material, and are an effective method for solution identification, landscaping, market assessment, product feedback, and opinion gathering.

Expert Interviews

Speak directly with, pre-qualified, Experts on your topics of interest. Expert Interviews are a fundamental primary research methodology, allowing rapid gathering of insight and intelligence via conversation.

Consulting Projects

Rapidly identify, select, and task one or more experts with specific deliverables in support of a defined objective. Consulting projects range in duration from a few hours to several months, and can cover any topic, area or expertise, or deliverable.

Conjoint Analysis

Quickly gather thousands of objective data points to advise your product development and market strategy. Use these data points in a dynamic simulator to test various hypotheses.

Talent Management

Source the right professionals to join your team on a part-time, temporary, or full-time basis.  Hire an expert to digest your data, research a topic, take you on a tour, or help solve a time consuming problem.


Client Discovery Program

The Client Discovery Program (CDP) is a two-part methodology consisting of a Survey and a series of private calls, hosted on the Maven platform. We source your ideal purchase decision makers, generating an intelligence report on their pain points and buying preferences before the sales call takes place.

Virtual Roundtable

Maven will organize a qualified group of experts to discuss a particular topic or challenge, as a collective, without leaving your desk.

Research & Analysis

Go beyond conversation and enlist an expert to do offline research and produce a deliverable that you can share with stakeholders.

Workshops & Seminars

Bring together multiple experts, virtually or in person, to share their perspectives on a common topic.

Innovation Challenge

Find innovative solutions through the power of crowdsourcing. Solvers compete to come up with a solution to your specific challenge and win prizes.

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