Project Description

debridementCase Study: Seeing Is Believing – Wound Care Site Visits

The Problem

The research and development team in the healthcare division of a global materials company was interested in learning more about wound care procedures, including Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and debridement, in order to guide development of a new product.

Critical Issues

Clinical Expertise     Direct Observation     On-Site Visit

The Solution

The customer conducted Telephone Consultations with several wound care specialists. After completing the Consultations, they decided that they would benefit from directly observing the procedures they had discussed over the phone in a live clinical setting. They learned much from the individuals with whom they had spoken, but still lacked a comprehensive understanding of the wound care decision making process. To address this, they selected two of the physicians with whom they had spoken and requested to visit them in person. One of the physicians operates his own clinic and the other is the Medical Director of a major hospital. Maven arranged in-person visits for the customer, during which they observed almost 50 NPWT procedures and debridements on real patients in a live clinical setting.


“Seeing is believing! It was extremely helpful to be able to observe the clinical decision-making process first hand. The trip was very successful.”
– Senior Microbiologist