Project Description

advanced textilesCase Study: Uncommon Threads – Advanced Textiles

The Problem

A sportswear company wanted to learn how different industries work with advanced textiles to improve the performance characteristics of their products. The customer was well versed in technology advances within the fashion and apparel industry, but had limited experience and reach outside of their market. They believed that textile advances made in other industries could be applied to sportswear yielding higher-performance gear for serious athletes.

Critical Issues

Variety of Industries     Outside Market Knowledge     Technical Expertise

The Solution

Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of material scientists, chemists, manufacturing engineers, aerospace engineers, and automotive engineers to gain insight into the newest technology, machines, and production processes for creating advanced textiles with improved performance characteristics. In less than 4 days, the customer received a published report detailing insights from dozens of experts on the newest textile technologies and the machines and plants capable of manufacturing them. After reviewing the results, the customer contacted several companies for samples of their products for further evaluation.

“Maven provided us with a breadth of perspective we were not able to achieve via alternative technology search methods. The information we received was enlightening and provided an opportunity to explore technology alternatives outside our range of expertise.”

– Engineering Manager