Project Description

Bottling lineCase Study: Tribol(ogy) Knowledge

The Problem

A bottling company wanted to measure friction in plastic bottle caps at very high speed and pressure so that they could make their cap application process step more reliable. An accurate, repeatable system for conducting tribology measurements in their specific operating regime had eluded them for years.

Critical Issues

Cross-Industry Expertise     Technical Proficiency     Troubleshooting Skills.

The Solution

Within 3 days, Maven delivered several candidates who had extensive experience with high-downforce tribology. After Telephone Consultations with 2 of the Mavens, the customer adopted a test methodology originally developed for the automotive brake industry, yielding more accurate results than any previous test they had employed. The new method is leading to enhanced product designs that reduce material usage without sacrificing quality or safety.

“This was a really tough problem that we had been working on for a very long time. We never would have thought to look at how brakes are wear tested, but Maven honed in on it right away.”

– Manufacturing Manager