Project Description

smartphone technology landscapingCase Study: Technology Landscaping

The Problem

The business development team at a medical device company wanted to learn about new and emerging technologies were being developed to enable smartphones to be used as diagnostic devices. The customer wanted to understand what the most promising developments were and who was developing them, so that they could find appropriate partners for development of their own applications. Although the customer had extensive experience with technology landscaping within their own industry, they had little knowledge of smartphone technology and needed an expert to help them determine what questions should be asked and from whom.

Critical Issues

Limited Foreknowledge     Presentation Skills     Speed

The Solution

Maven identified over two-dozen fully-qualified experts in smartphone technologies within 2 days. A Telephone Consultation was conducted with one expert, resulting in a list of questions for an Electronic Survey targeted at smartphone application developers with experience creating diagnostics apps. Within 3 days, the customer had received detailed responses from 25 respondents outlining new technologies that would enable more advanced diagnostic applications (including references to specific apps utilizing those technologies). In addition to reviewing the results themselves, the customer also asked the expert who had helped them to develop the Survey to review the results herself and provide an assessment and report with recommendations. The final technology landscaping report was delivered one week later.


“The turnaround time was incredibly fast. The report results provided a great landscape, identifying dozens of companies and applications that we were unaware of. Having an industry expert review the data and provide a report gave us huge confidence in the results and recommendations.”

– Business Development Manager