Project Description

contract laboratoryCase Study: Finding Contract Laboratory Partners

The Problem

The research team at a consumer healthcare company needed to find contract laboratory partners in the USA and China that could perform laser capture microdissection at a specific capacity and throughput. In addition to identifying appropriate candidates, the customer wanted specific recommendations as to which laboratories to approach from people who had direct experience working with them, so that the customer could avoid wasting time screening inappropriate candidates.

Critical Issues

On-site Availability     Presentation Skills     Speed

The Solution

Within one week, Maven’s global network  6 potential contract laboratory partners from the United States and China. The customer conducted Telephone Consultations with individuals associated with the laboratories to further qualify them and select appropriate partners. Ultimately, the customer established contracts with one contract laboratory from USA and one from China.


“We spent several weeks looking for these capabilities. Maven gave us 6 candidates we had never heard of in 6 days. That was exciting!”

– Research Associate