Project Description

wireless towerCase Study: Will Customers Like It? 4G Focus Groups

The Problem

A wireless technology company wanted to host focus groups with individuals familiar with 4G wireless technology in order to better understand if their new product would be embraced by the technical community and potential end users. The customer wanted to host the focus groups both at their headquarters in the United States and at various locations throughout Europe and the Middle East. They struggled to find the specific types of individuals they needed in order to make the focus groups a success.

Critical Issues

Recruiting     Geography     Technical Expertise

The Solution

In a matter of days, Maven identified, qualified, and secured commitments to participate from a full complement of relevant individuals in all three geographies. After conducting screening Telephone Consultations with selected Mavens, the customer moved forward with the focus groups, gaining the insights they needed to evaluate market readiness for their product. Maven arranged all travel and logistics, so the customer and experts could focus on making the most of their meetings.

“We were beginning to get to the point of desperation, but Maven did it again. We obtained the information and insights needed and we now feel confident that the product is prepared to go to market.”

– Engineering Manager