Case Study: Beauty Sleep

Case Study: Beauty Sleep

The Problem

A leading cosmetics company was considering developing a skin care product that contained a sleep aid. Before proceeding with research and development, they wanted to evaluate the idea with sleep and skin care experts. Although the company maintained relationships with over three hundred universities around the world, they struggled to find anyone who had studied this topic and was willing to speak with them. After a month of effort they still had not located anyone with the right expertise.

Critical Issues

Niche Expertise     Speed

The Solution

Within 24 hours, the Maven platform screened, qualified, and delivered over a dozen scientists who had studied the relationship between skin condition and sleep quality. The next morning, the customer was on the phone with an expert who helped to validate their idea. The expert also named several specific sleep aid compounds that could be safely added to skin care products. The customer subsequently hired the scientist to consult on the development of the new product, resulting in the release of a new nighttime facial cream containing a sleep aid.


“We have relationships with over 300 universities worldwide, but after a month we were unable to locate a single expert to help us. Maven made it look easy – how do you do it?”

– Senior Director of Product Formulation


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