Case Study: A New Regime – Process Optimization

Case Study: A New Regime

The Problem

A flexible packaging company was struggling to bring a new powder processing line up to specifications. The new line operated in a particle size regime with which they had no previous experience, and the issues they encountered threatened the release of their new product. The customer needed a powder process optimization consultant who could implement an improvement program and get the product released.

Critical Issues

Technical Expertise     Troubleshooting Skills     Project Management

The Solution

Within a few hours of learning the details, Maven identified and screened several highly qualified process optimization experts who were available to help. The customer selected three Mavens for Telephone Consultations, including a PhD Material Scientist/Biomedical Engineer with extensive experience with bone cement – a material synthesized from powder in the same particle size range as that used in the customer’s manufacturing line! After a short Consultation and a visit to the customer’s facility, the Maven delivered a diagnostic summary and outlined a process optimization plan designed to fix the problems. He was retained for a 3-month Extended Consulting engagement, fixed the problems, and brought the line up to full production.

“The Maven had the exact combination of technical and business skills for this highly specific project. Without Maven there is no way we could have found someone with his unique background so quickly and easily.”

– Manufacturing Lead


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