Project Description

industrial pumpCase Study: Industrial Water Materials

The Problem

A market research associate at a global manufacturing company needed to understand technologies within the industrial water industry such as smart pumps, smart valves, sensors, & membranes. They had conducted research online, but needed insight from someone with actual, on-the-ground experience in the industry. With time running out before the market intelligence report was due to management, the associate had generated only a small amount of information.

Critical Issues

On-the-ground Experience     Technical Expertise     Speed

The Solution

Within 30 minutes of calling Maven, the associate was speaking with a water handling industry veteran who provided a detailed overview of the current industry landscape for the associate. In addition, Maven delivered another two dozen highly qualified experts over the next 48 hours. The associate conducted Telephone Consultations with three more individuals and delivered a comprehensive report to his management in time for the executive strategy review.

“I received more information and insights from a 60-minute call with a Maven than I had been able to find from a week of online research. The return on investment is clear to me, and I look forward to partnering with Maven in the future.”

– Market Research Associate