Case Study: Silver Linings – Information Technology

Case Study: Silver Linings

The Problem

An information technology product manager at a leading healthcare information company needed to learn about how people were encrypting specific types of data in the cloud. Due to the regulatory issues surrounding the protection of patient information, the company had to adhere to very specific protocols, and the product manager need to validate the security approach she had selected before continuing development. Unfortunately, the customer did not know anyone with relevant expertise and was struggling to find someone who could help.

Critical Issues

On-the-Ground Expertise     Technical Knowledge     Speed

The Solution

By the end of the day, Maven had delivered over two dozen highly qualified information technology professionals with expertise in cloud data encryption. The customer conducted Telephone Consultations with five of the experts, leading her to realize that the security approach she had selected for her new product was fundamentally flawed. Although this was disappointing, with the Mavens’ help she was able to identify the correct approach and quickly change the direction of development before it was too late.


“Maven has a unique and beneficial service. If we had continued down our previous path, the results would have been disastrous. Only through our interactions with the Mavens were we able to see our mistake and fix it.”

– Senior Manager, Information Technology Products and Services


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