Project Description

biotech researchCase Study:
Understanding Regulatory Impacts

The Problem

A consulting firm was attempting to help a global biotechnology company assess the impact of regulatory changes in the US and EU on in-house vs. contract manufacturing. The consulting firm needed to map the regulatory landscape and learn how other industry players perceived the coming changes so that they could recommend specific actions to their client to mitigate potential regulatory risks.

Critical Issues

Regional Perspectives     Legal, Regulatory, and Business Insights

The Solution

Through Maven, the consulting firm interviewed 30 biotech executives in the US and EU, providing critical qualitative insights. In addition, Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of 100 attorneys and lobbyists regarding their impressions of the coming changes. The consulting firm used this data to build a final report and set of recommendations for their client.

“First we tried traditional recruiters, but they were unable to deliver the right consultants for our needs. Maven did it in less than a day.”

– Consulting Firm Partner