Project Description

curtain wallCase Study: The Glass Curtain

The Problem

An industrial fastener manufacturer wanted to learn more about curtain wall systems. The company was specifically interested in speaking with licensed structural engineers, facade engineers, and practicing architects regarding the design, construction, and installation of curtain walls in order to assess whether a new product based on a legacy technology might offer improvements in this area. Due to regional variations in building codes and construction practices, the customer required perspectives from several individuals across the United States.

Critical Issues

Regional Focus     Professional Credentials

The Solution

Within 24 hours, Maven qualified and delivered over a dozen experts, all possessing the required professional qualifications. Over the next two days, the customer conducted Telephone Consultations with six candidates, leading to several new ideas for how their technology could be used to improve curtain wall design and construction. The customer moved forward with a development plan to repurpose their technology for the new application and now has a rapidly growing share of the market for curtain wall fasteners.

“First we tried traditional recruiting services, but they were not able to deliver the right candidates in the limited time we had. Maven delivered the right consultants in less than 48 hours.”

– Director of Product Management