Project Description

Case Study: Regulatory Changes for Weight Loss Drugs

Man weighing himself on a scaleThe Problem

A major pharmaceutical company had recently entered the weight loss medication market, but was concerned about how frequent changes in regulatory requirements for weight loss drugs would impact their products’ future success. Since they lacked strong in-house expertise in this area of regulation and did not have the budget to hire a full-time employee to focus on it, they decided to find an outsider who could periodically advise them on recent changes and help them adjust their product strategy accordingly.

Critical Issues

Niche Regulatory Knowledge     Ongoing Part-time Availability

The Solution

Within 5 days, Maven delivered over a dozen individuals who possessed extensive knowledge of regulations for weight loss medications. The customer conducted Telephone Consultations with all of the experts before selecting the one who they believed would provide the best combination of deep knowledge, strategic thinking, and long-term availability. The expert monitored the regulatory environment and periodically updated the customer on changes that would affect their product. Maven oversaw all the contractual agreements with the expert and as well as payment.

“We realized that we may have underestimated the regulatory environment, but Maven provided us with an individual who really has helped as navigate the market intelligently and with more confidence.” – Director of Regulatory Affairs