Project Description

Africa GhanaCase Study: Going, Going, Ghana

The Problem

A major confectionery manufacturer was considering an acquisition in Ghana, but lacked on-the-ground experience with consumers in the region. Prior to moving forward, the acquirer wanted to learn more about consumers’ snacking habits and preferences in West Africa. Unfortunately, none of the agencies they had used in the past for consumer Surveys had a presence in West Africa, and they were unable to find any new ones that did.

Critical Issues

Consumer Insights     Regional Expertise     Cultural Awareness

The Solution

The customer had previously conducted Electronic Surveys of professionals using Maven, and knew that Maven had participants in almost every country in the world, so they believed Maven could be used to reach consumer populations not readily available through traditional research agencies. Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of consumers in Ghana, yielding rapid insights into their snack food choices and spending. The Survey also uncovered a cultural issue that the customer had not previously anticipated, leading to additional questions for the target company.

“We were fascinated to see that some of the brands we expected to be the most popular the locals were not interested in buying. Understanding of the current consumer sentiment gave us the upper hand during our visit to the country.”

– Vice President of Corporate Development