Project Description

portable medical deviceCase Study: Convergence – Portable Medical Devices

The Problem

The healthcare division of a major industrial conglomerate wanted to assess the market potential for combining several related portable medical devices into a single unit. The company hypothesized that such a “converged” device would prove disruptive to the market, yielding huge potential gains for the manufacturer.

Critical Issues

Rapid Turnaround     Varied Perspectives     On-the-Ground Expertise

The Solution

Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of Cardiologists, Internists, and General Practitioners regarding their perspectives on the utility and market readiness for converged medical devices. Of particular interest were use cases for a variety of medical devices currently sold individually in order to determine for what portion of the market such a device would be practical. The Survey was launched and concluded in less than one day. After reviewing the results, the customer’s confidence in their strategy grew and the executive team allocated new funding to pursue the identified market opportunity.

“Thanks for the speedy turnaround! We need to make a decision right away, and the results of this Survey have shown we are on the right track.”

– Engineering Manager