Product Management

Case Studies

Case Study: We’ve Got The Power (Cyber Security Strategists)

A research team within the energy division of the large industrial conglomerate needed cyber security strategists to learn how to keep power plants safe.

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3D printing

Case Study: Now In 3D! (Additive Manufacturing)

After creating a high-end, niche additive manufacturing product, this company reached saturation within their markets and needed to find new opportunities.

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Business Development

Case Study: Breath of Fresh Air (Market Entry Analysis)

A product strategy group used Maven to source anonymous perspectives and conduct a market entry analysis for their superior sterile air filtration product.

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Acoustic Engineers

Case Study: Noise Pollution (Acoustic Engineers)

A research team received guidance from acoustic engineers to scale their industrial acoustic noise mitigation technologies for small-scale electronic devices.

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Agricultural Industry

Case Study: Cream of the Crop (Precision Agriculture Tools)

A strategy group looking to diversify beyond traditional farming machinery used Maven to pursue cutting edge technology in precision agriculture tools.

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Case Study: Unstuck (Hydrophobic Coating Applications)

The licensing group at an industrial manufacturer uncovered untapped hydrophobic coating applications, identifying bright new licensing opportunities.

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Blender Technology

Case Study: Shaking Things Up (Blender Technology)

A product development team gained key insights about the factors that contribute to the loss of nutrient content before prototyping a new blender technology.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Snap, Crackle, Pop! (Drone Delivery)

A packaging innovation team sourced drone logistics experts to landscape the future of drone shipping and the logistical challenges it presents.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Case Study: Shocking the Market (Telecommunications Technology Experts)

A manufacturing company’s licensing team engaged with telecommunications technology experts to understand the key drivers in their customers’ buying process.

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Business Products & Services

Case Study: We DO Need Some Education (Corporate Learning Officers)

A strategy team confirmed their plans to expand into a new market thanks to feedback they captured via a Virtual Ideation Panel of corporate learning officers.

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