Case Study: We’ve Got The Power (Cyber Security Strategists) 2017-09-05T01:48:50+00:00

Project Description

Case Study: We’ve Got The Power (Cyber Security Strategists)

Cyber Security StrategistsProblem

Computer hacking affects our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to life threatening–and it’s on the
rise. Citing the growing threat of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, governments around the world have enacted regulations to strengthen cyber security practices at power plants and similar facilities. With a short deadline, an energy research group at a major industrial conglomerate needed to analyze whether its products met the needs of its customers in this rapidly changing area.

Critical Issues

Purchaser Perspectives         Strategy        Global Regulatory Perspectives

The Solution

To gather the necessary global perspectives, the team’s Customer Advisor recommended they engage in Telephone Consultations with qualified experts. Within a week, Maven delivered a number of individuals directly involved with cyber security and risk management initiatives at power facilities around the world. Through their conversations, the team was able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their product offerings and confirm their strategy for implementing necessary enhancements.

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