Case Study: Making It Work (Supply Chain Consultant)

Case Study: Making It Work (Supply Chain Consultant)

The Problem

The global reorganization of a large technology company left a Marketing Director suddenly in charge of the rescue plan for a struggling supply chain software product. Due to her lack of familiarity with the market segment for she was given responsibility, she was overwhelmed by the challenge. An upcoming stakeholder presentation added further stress, as she was expected to deliver a rescue plan for the product within the next two weeks. With a full plate, and much to do to get acquainted with her new team, she did not have the bandwidth to learn about the product, properly analyze the market landscape, and evaluate the competitive situation herself.

Critical Issues

Niche Expertise       Time Crunch       Immediate Availability

The Solution

With little time to work with, Maven launched a Telephone Consultation inquiry seeking supply chain consultants with a unique background in marketing strategy, research, and supply chain management. After a few productive calls to vet potential candidates, the customer selected one especially qualified Maven for a Research & Analysis engagement. The Maven had immediate availability and flew out to the customer’s location the following day to conduct a formal market analysis. By the end of the week, the supply chain consultant had generated a detailed report and presented his findings to the Marketing Director. Moreover, the customer invited the supply chain consultant to assist with her presentation the following week, during which they introduced the rescue plan together, giving the plan additional credibility.

“The high quality of work, key insights, and detailed analysis that was presented in such a short amount of time made me feel confident going into the stakeholders meeting. The deep insights into the landscape of the market and competition were key when creating our plan to revamp this key product.” – Marketing Director 


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