Project Description

Case Study: Don’t Stress

Stress ManagementThe Problem

The consumer science team of the home healthcare division of a leading consumer packaged goods company was considering developing a new line of stress management products for the consumer market. While they had conducted limited stress management research in the past, they needed to learn more about the causes, symptoms, and impacts of human stress. They were particularly interested in understanding the various non-pharmaceutical treatments for stress and current trends in stress management.

Critical Issues

Introductory Overview     Clinical and Non-Clinical Perspectives

The Solution

Maven constructed an Electronic Survey targeting professionals who had conducted in-depth stress management research. Within hours, the consumer science team who commissioned the Survey had received detailed perspectives from healthcare providers, holistic healers, medical researchers, psychologists, and stress management specialists on the outcomes of their own stress management research, as well as their opinions on the areas of strongest interest for future stress management product development. The diverse insights provided by the Survey gave the team a strong foundation for the next phase of their research and ultimately the development of the new product offering.

With Maven we were able to reach a broader audience than through our traditional challenges. The alternative perspectives provided through this Survey were critical to our work in this new area.

– Consumer Research Analyst