Case Study: Good Things Come in Small Packages (Strategic Hire)

Case Study: Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Problem

A product development team at a housewares company wanted to create a new single-serve beverage product similar to “K-Cups,” although for a different type of beverage that had never been attempted in the single-serve format. While the company had a strong footprint in the small household appliances market, they lacked expertise in the single-serve niche and needed an experienced professional to lead the team. They recognized that they needed to be very careful with this strategic hire in order to ensure the success of the product.

Critical Issues

Niche Experience       Full-time Availability

The Solution

Maven launched a search for experts in the development of durable consumable beverage products. After conducting Telephone Consultations with several interesting candidates, the customer invited three Mavens to visit their headquarters. After interviewing all three in person, the company hired one of them to lead their team. Less than one year later they launched the new product.

“We could have searched for months and not found the quality, fit and expertise of the candidates you identified to provide insight and guidance in this new market space. This was a critical strategic hire for us, and we were able to move our key new business initiative further, faster because of Maven.”

– Vice President of New Product Development


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