Project Description

food synergiesCase Study: Food Synergies

The Problem

A frozen food manufacturing company wanted to explore food synergies – that is, combinations of different foods which support energy and immunity. The company’s competitors had begun mimic their products, driving the need for faster innovation. Maven’s customer believed that creating “synergistic” meals represented an attractive new direction for their products, but they had little exposure to the latest research in food synergies.

Critical Issues

Variety of Perspectives     Knowledge of Latest Research

The Solution

Maven conducted an Electronic Survey of nutritionists, dietitians, and endocrinologists regarding the latest advances in food synergies research. The respondents provided a detailed landscape of the current state of research in this area, including  information on food combinations which have been demonstrated to support energy and immunity.

“Maven offers a unique and beneficial service – the Open Innovation service provider world has gotten very crowded, but Maven is truly differentiated. We couldn’t have gained the depth of variety insight provided by this Survey through any other source.”

– General Manager of Food Science