Case Study: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (Consultant Management System)

Case Study: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The Problem

The engineering team at a power electronics company had been introduced to an electrical engineer in Europe whom they wished to retain for a short-term project. The engineer had exactly the right experience to assist the team with the development of a new product, and they were eager to get to work right away. However, due to the company’s lengthy vendor approval process, they risked missing the consultant’s window of availability and the opportunity to engage with a talented resource.

Critical Issues

Technical Expertise     Consultant Management System     International Extended Consulting

The Solution

The company had been a Maven customer for several months and realized that they could use Maven’s consultant management system to manage their relationship with the consultant. Since the technical, legal, and commercial infrastructure necessary for managing consultants was already established between Maven and the company, the consultant just needed to join Maven in order to become immediately eligible to consult with the company – a process that only took fifteen minutes instead of several weeks! Less than a week after deciding to use Maven’s consultant management system, the engineer was on-site in the United States helping the customer kick off the project.

“It was going to take weeks to sort out the legal agreements and set up the consultant as a new vendor. With Maven handling the logistics instead we were able to just focus on engineering. It was so easy and seamless that now we’re loading all of our consultants onto Maven, freeing up valuable internal resources. Our HR and legal teams are thrilled too – this takes a substantial burden off their desks.” – Engineering Manager


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