Case Study: I’m Not Swimming Out There! (Offshore Oil Rig Workers)

Case Study: I’m Not Swimming Out There!

The Problem

The product support group in the energy division of a large industrial conglomerate wanted to learn more about how their drill bits were performing in the field vs. other manufacturers’ parts. They had spoken with a few of their customers but desired fresh perspectives from offshore oil rig workers with whom they had never before interacted. Unfortunately, reaching drilling professionals on offshore oil rigs proved to be extremely difficult. After a month of struggling to locate appropriate individuals, the customer was considering giving up.

Critical Issues

Difficult to Reach Population        Working-Level Expertise

The Solution

Maven launched a Telephone Consultation inquiry that yielded 10 qualified offshore oil rig workers who had direct experience with the customer’s drill bits within 48 hours. By conducting several Telephone Consultations, the customer gained a better understanding of how their products were performing in the field. The customer learned that the product issues highlighted by their existing customer contacts were quite different from what others were experiencing, leading to a new effort to improve field maintenance training and procedures.

“We were having the hardest time reaching the individuals who had the knowledge we needed other those who we had engaged with in the past. We needed the information and Maven delivered immediately.”

– Director of Global Product Support


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