Project Description

Case Study: Why Are You Wearing That?

The Problem

The corporate strategy and competitive insights group at a growing apparel company was interested in learning more about the technology developments and competitive landscape of the wearable technology market. The team had not been able to locate individuals who had relevant experience and were free from external conflicts which would prevent them from consulting on the topic. With a rapidly-approaching Board Meeting at which the group was expected to report on the outlook for the industry over the next decade, they were running out of time to gather the insights they needed.

Critical Issues

Conflict Free  |   Immediately Available   |  Comprehensive Knowledge

The Solution

Maven launched a Telephone Consultation inquiry to quickly qualify individuals for wearable technology expertise, immediate availability, and absence of conflicts. Within four hours of initiating the request, the customer began conducting qualitative interviews with relevant individuals in order to identify someone who could provide a detailed report of the current industry landscape. After six interviews the customer selected a candidate who began conducting their own research and reporting back to the customer on their findings. In less than 3 days, the Maven delivered a detailed report laying that the customer presented at the Board meeting.

“This is not how we planned on using Maven, but after learning that this option was available to us and because of our tight timeframe, we trusted the approach and Maven delivered.” – VP of Corporate Strategy