Case Study: Her (Virtual Personal Assistant)

Case Study: Her (Virtual Personal Assistant)

The Problem

The competitive intelligence team at a multinational technology company was tasked with landscaping the future of digital and virtual personal assistants, in particular, how humans’ relationship with these technologies will continue to evolve. The team was interested in gathering perspectives from both enterprise and consumer perspectives, but were not sure they knew all the angles that were looking at this issue. The team did not want to host a conference to get the insight they needed, but were unsure how else to get the right minds together in the same room.

Critical Issues

Emerging Technology      Cross-Industry Perspectives      Futurescaping

The Solution

Maven recommended a Virtual Ideation Panel as the most efficient way to have in-depth conversations with several subject-matter experts simultaneously. Maven identified 20 qualified professionals with experience developing and engineering digital/virtual personal assistants, as well as experts on artificial and ambient intelligence, machine learning, and voice recognition to participate in the four-day panel. During the lively discussion, the team received the insights they needed to understand their customers’ needs, and guide their short and longterm strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. The team came away with a comprehensive snapshot of the future of the virtual assistant industry, future capabilities and their associated data technologies. Following the engagement, an infographic summary captured highlights from more than 100 pages of commentary, including the participants’ predictions about how humans’ relationship with artificial intelligence will continue to evolve.

“We didn’t have the time or patience to host a big conference, and we weren’t sure how we would find the right professionals to have the dynamic discussion we were looking for. Maven, once again, had the answer.” – VP of Business Innovation


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