Case Study: Rio Ready for Olympics? (Virtual Ideation Panel)

Case Study: Rio Ready for Olympics? (Virtual Ideation Panel)


Athletes, spectators, and worldwide media outlets have been abuzz with concerns over the state of affairs in Brazil. From Olympic event logistics and infrastructure set-backs, to public health crises, to turmoil in the Brazilian economy and political sphere, many wonder if the Games can – or should – go on as planned. 
With many reports either downplaying or dramatizing the challenges facing Brazil, Maven recognized the need for a collaboration among key subject matter experts to yield fact-based discussion and actionable insights.

Critical Issues

Niche Expertise     Publicly-Facing Engagement       Time Sensitive

The Solution

Maven launched a Virtual Ideation Panel to generate a continuous, lively debate around the key areas of concern and invited professionals with strong backgrounds in the areas of epidemiology, immunology, economics, public health, Brazilian culture, and large scale event/Olympic coordination to contribute to the discussion. Within days, Maven identified 20 qualified participants to join the engagement.

The four-day panel, moderated by disaster response expert Randy Roberson, yielded more than 250 key insights. Participants stressed the importance of widespread education to help minimize mosquito bites and combat not only Zika but also dengue fever. Other top concerns included water sanitation, transportation and logistics solutions, and public services funding. Maven has made the discussion and key takeaways public to cut through the rhetoric and generate factual conversation and practical solutions to the ongoing challenges facing Brazil.

“It was indeed a pleasure to participate in the VIP. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing and learning new points of view from the esteemed panel … Thank you for the opportunity and for bringing together a bright set of minds. I look forward to participating in more events of this caliber.” – Kevin Fernandez, Senior Partner


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