Project Description

Acute pain in a neck at the young women.Case Study: Fighting Pain

The Problem

An early stage biopharma company wanted to learn more about the competitive landscape for analgesics for the treatment of specific pain triggers. The company had hit an major milestone in the development of their product but needed to gain additional market intelligence before entering the next phase. With an important deadline looming, the product management team needed instant expertise in order to move forward.

Critical Issues

Rapid Insights     Credentialed Expertise     Variety of Perspectives

The Solution

Within 24 hours of receiving the customer’s request, Maven delivered a dozen highly qualified pharmacologists, biochemists, and pain management experts. The customer conducted Telephone Consultations with six of the experts, validating their targeted approach and discovering two additional unmet needs in the market relevant to their product.


“Maven provided us with incredible results in a fraction of the time we expected. Next time we’ll skip our old approach to market mapping and use Maven instead.”

– Senior Product Manager