Case Study: Ebola Experts ThinkTank

Case Study: Containing the Chaos (Ebola Experts ThinkTank)

The Problem

The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Sub Saharan Africa has left many around the world in a state of panic. As different media outlets respond with a myriad of statistics and perspectives, the general public feels at a loss for true expert insights, predictions and recommendations for moving forward. Faced with such a life-threatening and time-sensitive situation, consensus is needed to respond to the Ebola outbreak as quickly and efficiently as possible, while allocating resources where they can have the most impact.

Critical Issues

True Expertise    Exceptional Credentials      First-Hand Knowledge

The Solution

Maven partnered with ThinkTank generator Convetit to develop an interactive, round-the-clock discussion of critical issues related to the outbreak by true Ebola experts. The Ebola experts were qualified by Maven and invited to participate in the five-day virtual session conducted on the Convetit platform. ThinkTanks combine elements of online discussion and Electronic Surveys to enable participants to collaborate in a moderated setting to deliver actionable insights.

More than two dozen highly-qualified Ebola experts from the fields of epidemiology, virology, immunology, emergency preparedness, infectious disease, hospital operations, and public health shared their recommendations and discussed current Ebola containment and response best practices. In just five days, Maven and Convetit delivered hundreds of pages of content, actionable insights, and recommendations from a carefully curated group of thought leaders from around the globe. The participants, most of whom did not know each other prior to the ThinkTank, made valuable connections and arrived at conclusions that will help governments, healthcare professionals, and relief organizations make better prevention and treatment decisions.

”The wealth of information generated by Maven through Convetit’s platform is unprecedented, given such a short time frame. I couldn’t imagine a more thorough and reliable source to have while reporting on the epidemic.”

– Healthcare Correspondent, National News Outlet


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