Project Description

DNA sequencingCase Study: Next Generation Sequencing in Asia

The Problem

A principal researcher at a contract research organization wished to hear pharmacists’ perspectives on the Next Generation Sequencing systems industry in the Asia Pacific. Through their personal network they had found several other types of professionals with exposure to this industry, but no pharmacists. Traditional recruiting firms failed to deliver appropriate candidates, and the customer was running out of time to complete their research and submit their findings to their client.

Critical Issues

Targeted Geography     Professional Certification     Speed

The Solution

Maven delivered a group of pharmacists who had direct experience with Next Generation Sequencing systems within the Asia Pacific region. Less than 24 hours after submitting the request to Maven, the customer was on the phone with a pharmacist who had direct experience working with sequencing systems in Asia. The customer parlayed the learning they received from that consultation into a 30-page report delivered on-time to their client.

“I expected to have to talk to at least 6 or 7 people to obtain the insights I needed. The recruiters were no help with something like this, so I even considered traveling to Asia to find the right people! The call with the Maven was so good that I had absolutely no need to speak to anyone else, saving me significant time and money.”

– Principal Researcher