Part One: Move Over Big Data. Say Hello to Big Knowledge.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, Wyatt explains how he sees big data transforming into “big knowledge”, and the importance of access to knowledge.

The Collaborative Economy Honeycomb

Jeremiah Owyang examines the drastic growth of the Collaborative Economy in new industries and dicusses what it will mean for the way we conduct business.

The Quora Experiment

In April we submitted five questions to Quora. The results were shocking.

Sailing Mavens

A recent tour of Oracle Team USA’s boathouse left me in awe of the power and technology involved in modern sailboat racing… and reminded me that the fastest way to learn is to talk to an expert.

Maven at SVIS 2013

Check out what Maven’s CEO had to say about on-demand expertise at the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit.

Everybody Knows Something

At Maven, we believe that “everyone knows something.” Specifically, we feel that every person has a bit of knowledge that could potentially benefit someone else. As Maven grows, the idea that “everyone knows something” is more apparent and real than ever before. Our customers are increasingly giving us projects that require either obscure or common knowledge. The success of these projects require input and insights from all kinds of members – including you.

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