Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day!

Maven Newsletter – October 2013

With the last quarter of 2013 upon us, we’re pleased to announce our new Survey on Enabling the Mobile Enterprise. Check out this post for more details on how to pre-order a copy today!

Maven Survey: Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

Maven is conducting a Survey of information technology leaders at large companies regarding their opinions on the future of the mobile workforce. Learn how you can order a copy of the results.

Maven Selected as one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 Companies to Watch

Maven has been recognized by AlwaysOn as one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 companies to watch and will be honored at the tenth annual Innovation Summit on July 23rd, 2013.

Elements of a Quality Survey Response

Survey respondents on Maven may come from a variety of backgrounds and have differing experiences in an industry, but what makes up a quality response is always the same.

The Future of Telecommuting: A Maven Survey

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banned her employees from working from home, she triggered a national debate about the future of telecommuting. Maven wanted to uncover what the people who generally decide and enforce companies’ remote-work policies – C-level executives and HR professionals – really think about this topic.

Mavens Bring Enormous Value to Organizations

Maven’s growing network and product suite bring exceptional value to organizations across all industries.

Get the Most from Maven in 2013

Greetings from Maven. First off, THANK YOU for helping to make 2012 our best year ever! We grew faster, worked with more customers, covered more topics, and paid more Mavens than ever before – and to cap it all of we held a great conference in December where we got to meet many of you in person!

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