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Maven & Intellectual Property

Some Maven customers and other Maven users have asked how the Maven user agreement addresses intellectual property. Simply stated, Maven respects all intellectual property rights. Maven’s user agreement doesn’t transfer users’ intellectual property rights, and one does not give up any intellectual property rights by joining Maven. Read more here.

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Knowledge Communities & You

Maven recently launched Knowledge Communities, a powerful new way to enable people who work for the same company to efficiently collaborate in making decisions. Say you work for a large manufacturing company. You’re having trouble with a certain piece of equipment, and you need help solving the problem. You are pretty sure one of your colleagues must have dealt with [...]

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Certain Professionals and Maven

Certain professionals, including lawyers, doctors, accountants, investment professionals, and individuals involved in clinical trials, are subject to special rules put in place by trade associations or other important regulatory organizations. If you are one of these professionals, here are some tips for avoiding conflicts while participating in Maven.

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