Maven recently launched Knowledge Communities, a powerful new way to enable people who work for the same company to efficiently collaborate in making decisions.

Say you work for a large manufacturing company. You’re having trouble with a certain piece of equipment, and you need help solving the problem. You are pretty sure one of your colleagues must have dealt with this problem before, so most likely your first move is to informally ask around the office or maybe send a group-wide email blast. “Pardon the intrusion,” your email might say, “but has anyone ever had trouble with Type 52 crashes on Machine X? If so, how did you fix it?”

Alternatively, you might have an internal company database, collaboration platform, or “enterprise social network” (whatever that’s supposed to be). You post your inquiry hoping someone finds it an responds to you. Of course nobody ever does, because who actually reads that stuff? Certainly not people who actually do anything and, therefore, might have your answer.

There has to be a better way of finding answers than spamming your entire company or posting a note on a virtual bulletin board. And there is: Knowledge Communities. Maven’s platform is a one-stop-shop for the insights you seek, both within your company and beyond. Your company may have offices all over the world, but with Maven a manager in Hong Kong can quickly find and connect to the specialist in Cincinnati who has the answers she needs. And even better, Maven not only delivers colleagues who can help, but also other professionals who don’t work for her company from Maven’s Global Knowledge Marketplace. She’s armed to choose the person who best suits her needs, quickly and efficiently.

How does it work? Maven works with your company to do three things:

  1. Customize and optimize a Knowledge Community solution that reflects your company’s goals and values – this includes data sharing with other corporate systems, specialized feedback and ratings, and a comprehensive incentive and rewards system to recognize top contributors.
  2. Build and curate your corporate network – we help to rapidly on-board you and your colleagues into the Maven platform so you can start sourcing and sharing knowledge with others right away. We also curate the network. In other words, we constantly work to optimize profiles and add new information to make it easier to find the right people to help you.
  3. Help you find the right people both within your company and beyond – we don’t just set up your network, collect a fee, and then go away. Rather, our support train you in best practices for locating expertise and using our platform to locate expertise and are always available to help with specific searches.

How can you get a Knowledge Community set up at your company? Contact us and we’ll get the process started. Even better, refer us to the right person and we’ll provide your company with information on how we can help you work more efficiently.