As we’ve written here before, at Maven we know that the best way to find great people is through other great people. With that in mind, we created our unique Referral System to empower you to connect with others and profit from who you know.

But did you know that organizations can use Maven’s referral system as well?

For example, universities and other not-for-profit organizations frequently ask their alumni and members for donations.  The fundraising process takes a lot of work, volunteers often get burned out, and those targeted frequently complain that the only time they ever hear from the organizations they care about is when the organizations are looking for money.  As an alternative, a few enterprising nonprofits have actually used Maven for fundraising.

Last year an alumni organization invited its members to join Maven. Rather than asking for money, they actually presented their alums with an opportunity to MAKE some money! Several of the alumni did join Maven, and now as they get paid to participate in Maven microconsulting engagements, the alumni association earns Referral Commissions from Maven.

In other words, every time an alumnus gets paid by Maven, the alumni association gets paid too! It’s a win-win-win situation: the alumni get new opportunities to profit from what they know and to help the university at the same time, the association gets ongoing revenue from Maven, and Maven’s customers get to consult with some very bright people.

Contact us today to find out how an organization you care about can take advantage of Maven’s referral program.