Recruit Like A Maven: Best Practices

The word “maven” has Yiddish roots that connote understanding, sharing and teaching. Maven’s Referral Program was designed to promote the sharing of connections and knowledge. If you recruit or refer your contacts to share their knowledge on Maven, you can earn significant referral commissions!

Specific Project Referral:
For successful referrals to specific existing Maven projects, you earn 50% of the total the referred Maven earns. For example, if you refer Jane to Maven for a Survey about Radiology that pays participants $100, upon successful completion Jane receives $100 and you receive $50 just for referring her! Our Bulletin Board describes all of our open projects – we encourage you to refer them widely!

General Referral:
Other than referrals for specific projects, you earn 10% of everything the referred Maven earns during their first year with us. For example, if you invite John to join Maven and he completes several projects throughout the year totaling $500, John receives $500 and you receive $50.

Recruit Like A Maven

Recruiting Best Practices

Social Sharing

  • Share posts on LinkedIn with one click from the Bulletin Board
    Your network is wider than you may think, and depending on who interacts with your post, you may gain an even wider audience. Our button to share on LinkedIn is designed so that anyone who clicks on YOUR link is connected with you on Maven, and you earn any resulting referral commissions.
  • Join related groups
    Perhaps you don’t have precisely the expertise a particular opportunity calls for (we know our projects can get specific). However, this is a GREAT chance to share the opportunity within your contact network. After a successful referral to Maven, your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts who DO have that particular experience or background will earn money and so will you. Share the Maven opportunities widely – there is no limit to the amount of commissions you can earn from a single project!
  • Add the Maven Widget to your signature
    This is an easy way to share Maven. By including the Maven Widget in your signature line in your email, you may spark a conversation or encourage someone to sign up and connect with you.


  • Google Suggestions
    Our most active referring Mavens find great success searching for specific experts related to Maven’s current open projects. You can find all of our current, open projects posted on our Bulletin Board. By learning more about the types of people the opportunity is targeting, you can refer the opportunity to relevant people and industries. Below are a few ideas of places you might find experts:

    • Trade or Professional Organizations
    • Related upcoming events (Who is attending or speaking – would they be a good fit?)
    • Recent news or published papers
    • Academic staff or graduate students at colleges & universities

As always, if you find other successful methods – let us know! Sharing best practices for successful referrals benefits the entire Maven community.