Last month we told you about the new “Connect with Me” widget; this month we bring you its cousin, the “Consult with Me” widget. This is a great new feature to help you advertise yourself as a Maven consultant and generate more expertise requests.

For example, you can invite our CEO, Wyatt Nordstrom, to participate in a paid Telephone Consultation with you by clicking on this button:

Consult with me on Maven

You can use your button on your personal website, blog, online forums and/or email signature to advertise your availability as a Maven consultant. If someone clicks on your button, they will be directed to Maven and you will receive an invitation to consult with them.

If you are an independent analyst or consultant, this is a particularly good way for you to handle people calling you asking you to share your expertise over the phone. Why give away your insights for free when you can make money from them via Maven? Simply ask such people to click on your Consult with Me button to schedule a paid consultation with you through Maven.

Here’s how to get your button:

  1. Click here
  2. Copy one of the code snippets displayed. There are a few options available depending on where you want to use your button (website, online forum, etc.)
  3. Use the code to add your button to your desired location.

That’s it! Once you’ve posted your button somewhere, anyone clicking on it will be directed to Maven to set up a consultation with you.