Immediate Opportunities

Know anyone in these areas?
Refer them for cash!
  • Rheumatologists
  • Cheese & Ice Cream Manufacturing Experts
  • Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing Experts
  • Egg Processing Experts in Brazil
  • M & E Contractors in China
  • Direct Sales Professionals


Big Idea Course

Photo courtesy of Olu Eletu via Unsplash

Big Idea Course for Mavens

Last month, our Feedback Survey told us that you want more opportunities to learn, earn, and connect, so we’re offering a new opportunity to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Complete with the best practices of venture-backed founders, investors, and innovators, this course will teach you which challenges to tackle first and how to validate ideas with a repeatable business model. Enroll in the course using code MAVENEXCLUSIVE for a special 40% discount.