We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with BroadBranch Advisors. Our shared vision is to continue to uphold high ethical standards in all regards, and give our customers even more meaningful ways to share their insights and expertise – whether sharing niche expertise or helping discover new opportunities.

Expanded Partnership with BroadBranch Advisors

We’ve enjoyed working with BroadBranch for the last several years, thanks to their high ethical standards and excellence in action-oriented recommendations. Our expanded partnership offers Maven customers access to the Insight Engine, a combination of tools and techniques in scouring, sourcing, elicitation and synthesizing findings. This will present even more opportunities to engage in projects on Maven.


Case Study: Reinventing the Pinwheel (Brand Development)

A consumer snack foods company maintained significant market share in their current market, but wanted to enter into the premium market. Unsure how to go about their product and branding makeover, they approached Maven with the challenge. Learn how the company applied a combination of Electronic Surveys and a Virtual Ideation Panel to fine tune their strategy and create an actionable plan.



Immediate Needs for Expertise

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  • Chroma Key Technology Experts
  • Acoustic Engineers
  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Laundry Formulation Experts
  • Lifestyle Directors
  • Aerosol Technology Experts
  • Personal Care Product Experts (Laundry/Deodorant)