Thank you, Mavens (September 2016 Newsletter)

We’re jumping into fall by celebrating you, our Mavens, who have made this year so fascinating! You make Maven the strong community it is. Thank you for your dedication to your craft, and for sharing with us. In case you missed it, here are a few of our recent “Interesting Maven” profiles.

Interesting Mavens

Josh Stack: Biomimicry and Construction

Josh began his career as a lawyer, but found himself returning to his roots in construction and a natural curiosity about the biological world. After learning more about biomimicry – the study of natural systems and how these designs could be applied to human systems and technologies – Josh created his own construction company that uses the surrounding ecology in his own designs. All his projects are guided by principles of sustainability, resilience and efficiencies found in the land itself – good for the earth, and good for business.


Interesting Mavens

Dak Kopec: Independent Screenwriter

Dak provides a perfect example of how similar art and entrepreneurship really are. Finding your niche takes years of iteration, knowing the right people and market, as well as a fundamental belief in your vision and ability to execute it. Dak’s journey as an artist took many years of trial and error, hard work, and an entrepreneurial ability to define his own career, lifestyle, and business model. His story reminds us of the grit and freedom that an innovative life demands and creates – and how beneficial a freelance, collaborative economy can be with the right tools!



Immediate Needs for Expertise

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  • MRI Imaging Experts
  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Golf Cart Designers and Salespeople
  • Collegiate Athletic Coaches
  • Jewelry Professionals
  • Frozen Foods Formulation Experts


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