Maven Launches Virtual Ideation Panel on Olympic Challenges

Maven Launches Virtual Ideation Panel, Experts React to 2016 Rio Olympics Challenges

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) — July 13, 2016

Virtual Ideation PanelMaven, the Global Knowledge Marketplace, announces the launch of their latest tool, the Virtual Ideation Panel. This capability provides a rich multimedia forum to gather industry perspectives and actionable insights from leading experts simultaneously.

Earlier this month, Maven hosted their first-ever public VIP to discuss the challenges and risks facing athletes and visitors of the upcoming summer Olympics. The four-day collaboration, facilitated by disaster response expert Randy Roberson, engaged dozens of emergency preparedness experts, public health and safety professionals, and former Olympians to assess the anticipated risks of the Zika outbreak, transportation and infrastructure shortcomings, and the current political and economic climate in Brazil.

Maven leveraged the VIP’s unique discussion format to cut through media rhetoric and enable subject matter experts worldwide to generate a comprehensive assessment of the risks of attending and participating in this years’ Games. Using the VIP’s comprehensive polling and opinion plotting tools, the panel participants highlighted the event’s most pressing challenges including water sanitation, transportation and logistics solutions, and public services funding. Participants stressed the need for widespread education, not only around the risk of the Zika virus but also dengue fever.

“We are thrilled by the outcome of this engagement.” said Maven co-founder and CEO Wyatt Nordstrom. “It was remarkable to witness the product of true collaboration from experts across healthcare, government, event management, economics, and so on.”

Select panel participants included:

Key takeaways from the discussion are available in the attached infographic and the full engagement will remain available for public viewing. Organizations and members of the media interested in utilizing the content should contact Maven for publishing details.

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About the Author:

Ellen is an Associate at Maven. She has a diverse background in public relations spanning the consumer technology, high technology, luxury lifestyle, and travel industries. Outside of the office, Ellen is an avid runner, rower, and hiker.

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  1. Allan Stirling July 14, 2016 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    As a resident of Rio de Janeiro, albeit a Scottish Process /Subsea Engineer, athlete and rower, I am acutely aware of the shortcomings of Rio as an Olympic City. Two areas dear to my heart are Zika and Pollution.

    As regards Zika and Encephalitis, there are some interesting facts. Zika exists in Columbia yet there have been no cases of encephalitis there that’s to say no birth defects have been recorded. In Brazil 99% of the birth defects originate in the State of Pernambuco in the NE of the country.
    The Zika mosquito has given a number of my friends a minor flu lasting 4 days, that is all!!!. I watched a very good video on YouTube entitled ” The truth about Zika” , wherin the neurological expert suggested that the cases of Encephalitis were a result of the pesticides used in that part of the country. This to me seems more plausible for a simple virus would have difficulty overcoming two important barriers, the Placenta and the Brain. I would be more interested in talking to Monsanto on the subject.

    The Zika virus is also blamed for a neurological disorder called Guillame Barre disease (excuse the spelling) which causes paralysis total or partial. Four cases were reported in Rio State, in Niteroi which is across the bay. I learnt that the 4 cases were actually localised to Sao Goncalvo which is a town with an untreated sewage problem feeding into Guanabara Bay where the sailing events will take place.

    Yes the bay is badly polluted due to the untreated sewage pollution from the aforementioned town and Rio should be ashamed of their broken promises on this subject. The truth is that an area the size of Sao Paulo to clean up is really impossible to achieve in 4 years.

    The Lagoa where the rowing and canoeing will take place is I am told polluted, however the water is crystal clear and I row on it most days. There is an incredible amount and variety of bird life there due to the large fish population and the stories about pollution there are grossly overstated. I have never caught a virus in Rio despite being splashed during an hour of rowing.
    Like war or politics, the first casualty is always the truth.

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