With another incredibly busy and productive year coming to a close, we would like to take a moment to give thanks to all the Mavens who have contributed their expertise and talents to our global community during the past year! Read on for Maven’s 2015 highlights, a Case Study of one of our recent projects, and some top recruiting needs (read: commission opportunities) for this month!

2015: A Year in Review

→ Early this year, we released our Virtual Ideation Panel capability. Since then, we’ve watched it grow at an amazing pace. Many of our customers have witnessed firsthand the power of bringing together some of the world’s most knowledgeable professionals on topics like health care regulations, education technology and snack food innovations.

→ Our platform went mobile, bringing on-demand expertise to our global community’s fingertips.

→ We also revamped Maven Knowledge Communities, enabling some of our largest customers to tap into the expertise that already exists within their own organizations.

Snap, Crackle… POP! (Drone Logistics Expert)

The evolution of eCommerce is shifting the way consumers around the world purchase their everyday groceries and household items. With emerging technologies like Amazon’s drone delivery, snack food manufacturers will be faced with a suite of new challenges to address in the coming years.

Learn how a packaging innovation team launched a Maven Ideation Panel to futurescape logistics and distribution trends to ensure their packaging concepts and designs stayed ahead of the curve.

Top Recruiting Needs

Know anybody who meets any of these descriptions? If so,
introduce them to Maven and earn Referral Commissions.

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Managers and Operators
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Physicians in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile
  • Geneticists
  • Social Activists
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Healthcare Professionals in South Africa